Radio show host, youth worker and former Mayoral candidate for Palmerston North


Mental health issues have been my biggest challenge, when I left high school I had a mental break down and literally couldn’t leave the house.

Having now come through that, dove in the deep end and wanted to advocate for the voices and perspectives of young people in her community. She ran for the general election, and then on the night of the results decided to run for Mayor of Palmerston North at age 20. Whilst she didn’t get in, she learnt a lot from the process.

Abi now splits her time as a radio show host on campus at Massey University, and as a Coach to supporting young people in her community to use their voice, and develop their social entrepreneurship and leadership capability as part of the Future Leadersprogramme run by Inspiring Stories.

I want young people to be the most, authentic selves they can be! So that they can help others to be themselves! I want people to strive for change and to chase what they are passionate about.