Partner at Deloitte

Adithi 2.jpg

Adithi is interested in how our increasingly fast-paced world is changing the future of work and how society has a unique opportunity to shape the world, for the better.

Adithi is a Partner at Deloitte, leading their citizen-centered design practice for the public sector and their social impact practice.  She is passionate about bringing together individuals and organisations to address ‘wicked problems’ at multiple levels. She specialises in improving and streamlining systems to transform outcomes, and shifting mindsets to focus on growth, innovation, and impact. Her work includes coaching clients through redesigning of social housing, welfare payment, accident compensation and child care and protection services. Her goal is to create a more equitable, inclusive and joyful society. Within Deloitte, she is the talent partner for consulting, looking after their end to end employee experience, including their diversity and inclusion agenda.