CEO & Founder of Limitless – the 80,000 hours in our lifetime!


April is the founder of Limitless, an organisation that helps young people find purposeful work. She has a mission to equip young New Zealanders with the self-awareness, confidence and opportunities to pursue and excel in work they are passionate about.

She is a firm believer that with purpose, an awareness of your personal strengths, values and passions that anyone can live a more meaningful life through meaningful work.

April founded Limitless in early 2016, after finishing high school in 2015, and having taken part in Live the Dream, a social enterprise accelerator. In mid 2016, she was selected as one of 3 New Zealand delegates to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in California. Prior to starting Limitless, April gained experience organising events for various causes. April now works full time on growing and developing Limitless.

We’ll each work 80,000 hours in our lives – imagine what we could do with that time.