Asaeli Pene

Future Leaders Catalyst, Whangerei


Asaeli’s motivation for his work comes from his sisters; he wants to create opportunities for them and make sure they’re supported in everything that they do.

At 17, Asaeli felt a turning point in his life and remembers that “as a good friend spoke of how our Tupuna fought and died for us to ensure the freedom we have today I realized what I was doing wrong and I’ve been doing what I can to make up for it since. I was 17 when I wanted to help youth and I made it my goal to be a youth mentor”

Asaeli, now 20, volunteers at the Whangerei Youth Space, is a catalyst for Future Leaders, is currently in the second year of a bachelor’s degree in social work AND is also a member of Hiphop group Creative MindZ. Through the music, the group of artists connect with youth on a more personal level and encourage others to use music to establish a voice. A voice for the voiceless.