Audette Exel

World Economic Forum Global Leader of Tomorrow, CEO Adara Group


Elected a Global Leader of Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum, Audette Exel AO is the founder of the Adara Group, established in 1998, and Chief Executive Officer of its Australian financial services businesses, Adara Advisors Pty Limited and Adara Partners (Australia) Pty. Limited.

The Adara businesses were established as “for purpose” businesses with the principle objective of supporting Adara Development.

Adara Development is focussed on improving health and education for women, children and communities living in poverty, through best practice service delivery and sharing knowledge globally. Audette Exel is a lawyer by profession specialising in international finance. She was formerly Managing Director of one of Bermuda’s three banks, and also acted as chair of the Bermuda stock exchange. She is one of the youngest women in the world to have run a publicly-traded bank.


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