Founding Director of Fill their Lunchbox


Ben has utilised his passion for social change and experience as a chef in his work as the Founding Director of Fill their Lunchbox  (not to be confused with Eat My Lunch). His personal purpose is “helping people help people” and his dream is  to provide disadvantaged children with the fuel to learn at their fullest potential and break the poverty cycle. Since 2015, Fill their Lunchbox has provided over 35,000 healthy, balanced and nutritious lunches to disadvantaged children in low decile schools across Canterbury. Ben is passionate about making a difference and has mentored many men who have undergone a drug and rehabilitation program. He has gone from being someone who spent his days making bacon and eggs to being the founder of a successful social enterprise and become the go-to-guy for advice on how to help staff find their sense of purpose while also connecting it to what your business is trying to achieve.