Changing the way we think about mental health and wellbeing


CoLiberate is a Wellington based organisation on this mission to enable all NZer’s to thrive! They are creating a wellness revolution, by eliminating the stigma around mental illness and supporting the community to value their mental fitness as much as their physical fitness.
Co-founders are Jody, Bop and Sarah who are alumni of Inspiring Stories accelerator programme, Live The Dream 15/16 and experts in people-care.  

We are agents of change, committed to taking wellbeing support that we have seen work and making it available to everyone.

CoLiberate hosts a range of facilitated sessions that actively, collaboratively and creatively help young people to prioritise well-being at their studio space in the heart of Wellington City! The Wellingtonians also offer Mental Resilience and Emotional First Aid Programmes to organisations with the mission to be wellbeing conscious in their workplaces.