Charlotte Hoonhout

Para-athlete, Entrepreneur, Public Servant


Para-Athlete. Entrepreneur. Public Servant. Olympic Hopeful. Charlotte is a pursuer of all things that interest her. She spent the majority of her university degree juggling her career as a para-equestrian athlete chasing a spot on the 2016 NZ Paralympic team.  

As an ambassador for the para-sport, Charlotte is always encouraging people to challenge expectations whether it be their own, or other people’s. Post-2016 she turned her attention to the NZ Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem; gaining experience by developing start ups (from a fashionable shoe collection based on universal design principles to time management software) and taking part in various accelerators and innovation competitions. In those endeavours Charlotte’s inherent passion for universal design and inclusion started to really take shape. Now, she brings that passion to the public sector, every day endeavouring to influence the work and decisions being made to ensure a future that is fully inclusive of all people and respectful to the environment.

Charlotte is currently working on a project team tasked with resetting New Zealand’s entire transport network to get people into modes of transport that are healthier for society, the environment and our communities.  Charlotte is also developing a programme called Watchtower, to help people develop support systems and action plans to make it easier to communicate mental health and wellbeing with employers / whanau and friends when they need support.


Our Exclusive interview with Charlotte Hoonhout: