Elected Member of the Green Party, youngest member of Parliament in 42 years


Chlöe, aged 24, rose to national fame when she ran against Phil Goff in Auckland's 2016 mayoral race. After campaigning for four months on a shoestring budget, she finished with almost 30,000 votes. She has studied law, worked in journalism,  owned a business, been a community project leader, and is now an elected MP of the Green Party. She fought her way into Parliament to show people that politicians can look a little different, sound a little different, do things a little different, and drive home the message that politicians work for people. She is the youngest MP in New Zealand in over 40 years. Chlöe is passionate about education, internal affairs, sensible drug law reform, Local Government, arts, culture and heritage, small business, broadcasting and youth engagement. She wants to open parliament and politics up to all New Zealanders, so they can see that our institutions are just made up of people making decisions.