Advocate for mental health awareness and recipient of the Queen’s Young Leader Award

Ezekiel-Raui copy.jpg

Ezekiel continues to go from strength to strength. After losing five friends to suicide, Ezekiel put his foot down. He knew something needed to be done and it needed to be done pronto.  He is the brainchild of Tu Kotahi (Stand Tall); a million dollar programme created in the wake of one of the biggest youth suicide clusters in New Zealand history. His pursuit for social change through community-based initiatives lead him to being selected as one of four Māori ambassadors to attend the 2015  White House Tribal Leaders conference hosted by President Barack Obama and First Lady, Michelle. He was awarded the Matariki Young Achievers Award in 2016 for his work in supporting mental health issues. This year he went to Buckingham Palace and received the Queen’s Young Leader Award for his work around encouraging young Māori to talk more openly about mental health issues. At 20, this Massey Business School student has achieved more than someone twice his age, is a true leader.