Elected mayor of Carterton in 1995,  world’s first transgender mayor


Elected mayor of Carterton in 1995, Beyer became the world’s first transgender mayor. She continued to defy convention with a successful parliamentary bid in the 1999 general election, becoming a Member of Parliament representing the typically right-leaning electorate of Wairarapa. She was re-elected in 2002 and eventually became  a list MP. Beyond the political sphere, her colourful life has included a stint as an actress which earned her a New Zealand Film award nomination in 1987. A Wellington nightlife legend, Georgina has openly discussed how her experience as a sex worker has informe her advocacy in support of prostitution reform. She attended Montreal’s First International Conference on LGBT Human Rights as a keynote speaker in 2006 and spoke at Copenhagen’s iteration in 2009. Georgina was also a keynote speaker for The Egale Canada Human Rights Trust’s annual gala in Toronto, held in 2010.