Founder of Happy Cow Milk


Glen is the founder of the Happy Cow Milk Company which aimed to disrupt the agricultural system and work towards a more ethical and sustainable dairy model. It provides whole (non-homogenised and standardised) milk from happy cows to cafes, farmers markets and selected grocers across Canterbury. The company deviates from norms of the agricultural industry by allowing cows to stay with their calves and building mobile cow sheds. This mitigates the need for the animals to travel long distances for milking and reduces nitrate build-ups.

Glen developed the country's first mobile milking unit while he was the director of Milking on the Moove. From a family of farmers, he studied a diploma of Farm Management at Lincoln University. He is confident in the future of his business and believes in the possibility of an ethical, more sustainable dairy model. Glen speaks openly about the challenges he faced while trying to change an industry.