Graedon Parker

CEO, OM Mechanics


Graedon Parker is an Internationally award winning Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur & Plant-based Lifestyle and Edmund Hillary Fellow - based in Auckland, NZ.

His creative leadership has played a pivotal role in the success of co-founded enterprise/social movement - Organic Mechanic (established 2013) which has grown to become a leader in the health & wellbeing collective in Aotearoa. OM’s flagship product; OM Kombucha, is on tap at bars, bottled in cafes & refillable at organic stores all over Aotearoa.

Being actively involved in the Cannabis/Hemp movement, Graedon founded Hemp For Victory in 2014 as a global education campaign of Hemp's many different uses and applications. In particular, Graedon is interested it's positive contribution to human nutrition and environmental regeneration. Over the years Graedon has grown and cultivated industrial hemp, and through Organic Mechanic provides high quality NZ Grown seed to people for nutritional benefit. Graedon is preparing to breaking new ground with a larger crop in October 2019.

Our exclusive interview with Graedon Parker