Community leader, advocate, writer and former refugee


Guled is a former refugee who is passionate about advancing and encouraging the social well-being, inclusion and development of New Zealand’s ethnic and former refugee communities. Guled is a writer, speaker and community leader. He is recognised as one of New Zealand’s most prominent young voices advocating for a more humane, inclusive and welcoming society. He is the founder of the African Youth Forum, the co-founder of Our Space, and serves on the leadership team of Empower Youth.  He was just six-years-old when his mother, a solo-parent, fled the strife of Somalia’s civil war with her nine children for a better life in New Zealand. Facing racism at school, Guled was discouraged from pursuing a higher education and left at sixteen. This wasn’t it for Guled. He went on to excel at university and is now a policy advisor in the public sector.  He is passionate about supporting ethnic youth and promoting civic participation. He is a big fan of having open conversations about mental health, refugee inclusion and the multicultural nation perspective.