Former CEO of Social Innovation NZ, now working in social tech at Microsoft


Hayley’s passion for social change was sparked at the age of 15 when she took part in the Global Poverty Project. She was formerly the CEO of Social Innovation New Zealand, and at 19 piloted a community cooking programme in Mangere East for parents and children. This led her to crowdfund her way to the U.K to work with 8 leading food social enterprises and take her learnings back to New Zealand in hopes of making a difference in the community.

Hayley co-founded the award winning App Clove, to revolutionise the way consumers interact with food by enabling thriving, diverse and healthy food ecosystems across all communities by partnering home-chefs to home-chefs with consumers to provide them healthy, meals.

Hayley remains active in her pursuit to give back through her roles at Microsoft as a Product Marketer, in particular working with the Microsoft HoloLens in the Mixed Reality space. She is passionate about getting girls into tech through an initiative she helps run called DigiGirls.