Holley Sommerville-Knott

Singer, slam poet, Chief Ethics Officer of Tell Someone Who Cares


Holley Sommerville-Knott is a 15 year old Australian, and is the CEO and founder of Tell Someone Who Cares; a social enterprise that serves as a consumer movement affording consumers the opportunity to create change with their everyday purchases. Tell Someone Who Cares brings amazing solutions and alternative to palm oil destruction from the Borneo Rainforest to the world that help regenerate rainforest, empower local indigenous peoples, and protects endangered wildlife.

Holley has been performing slam poetry, singing and public speaking throughout Australia since the age of 7, but it’s not always been easy. Being diagnosed with autism - high functioning asperger’s, a kidney disorder and severe viral asthma, Holley thrived with a lot of help from a range of people and organisations. “I learnt that people are kind, people can change your life, and through adversity you can find your purpose in life and even channel it to help other people. So I dedicated my life to helping others, the planet and myself”.

Creating ‘Care a lot Day’ at age 5, Holley has long-held the mission to spread kindness and joy, uplift humanity, and disrupt old paradigms and practices harmful to the planet and its inhabitants. Holley has gone on to win Australia Day Young Citizen of the Year Award twice, serve as an ambassador for One Voice Choir to combat loneliness, and is the youngest ever recipient of the Gold and Silver International Stevie Business Awards.