CEO & Co-founder of New Zealand's fastest growing social enterprise, Eat My Lunch


Recognised as a women of influence, Lisa is the CEO of New Zealand’s fastest growing social enterprise, Eat My Lunch.

Amidst a very successful marketing career selling Kiwis ‘more fat and sugar’ Lisa and her partner Ian became more conscious of the issues around child poverty and obesity in New Zealand and wanted to put their commercial skills to the test. From what started as a small-scale pilot, Eat My Lunch has had phenominal growth.

It’s a remarkable success story of an enterprise that combines both business and philanthropy, based on a simple idea: buy a lunch and the price you pay covers the cost of a free lunch to go to a hungry school kid.

The operation is now running in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington, and with the support of nearly 3,000 volunteers Lisa and the growing team have helped to provide about 340,000 lunches for kids in need.