Lucy Gray

12 year old champion for climate, urging the world to “Rise up” to the challenge

Lucy Gray 500.jpg

12 year old Climate Activist and Songwriter, Lucy Gray has found her passion in Climate Action. In 2017 Lucy started a climate action group in her school, promoting young people to come along and learn about climate change. She then saw that there were strikes registered across NZ, even Russell had a strike, yet Christchurch hadn’t been registered. Lucy decided to take on running the Christchurch strike and almost 3000 people took part.

Despite many, many politicians and peers complaining that, “This strike won’t make a difference”, and that “These kids will be drove to the strike in an SUV” and also comments of her and her team being “Brainwashed”, and that their is no solution to climate change”, the strike team are still fighting for their future. Lucy is also campaigning for human and animal rights, donating and fundraising for the SPCA and World Vision and Trade Aid. She continues to speak out and rise up about climate change, so that the government can and will safeguard our future.  

Lucy has another passion; music. For the first strike Lucy wrote a song about changing the way we act, and standing up for what is right, called “Rise Up”.