Author, Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. The future of politics and democracy


Max is a young thought leader making waves on the political scene. He has worked as a clerk for Chief Justice Sian Elias at the Supreme Court and as a consultant in Helen Clark’s office at the United Nations. He also did stints with the American Civil Liberties Union and as a speechwriting intern with the South Australian government.

If we go back to our values, we can try to rethink what it means to be on the Left and Right of politics. I want to contribute to strengthening New Zealanders’ commitment to care, creativity and community.

The Wellington native attended Auckland University and went to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. His doctorate is focusing on executive power in the age of Donald Trump and Brexit.

He is the author of The New Zealand Project, a book that examines a vision for New Zealand. The New Zealand Project lays out his ideas on foreign policy, criminal justice, race relations, the environment, constitutional change and the economy.