Co-founder of Generation Zero, the Zero Carbon Act and climate solutions for NZ


Paul Young is a campaigner for clean energy and “a future that’s not shit.” He co-founded a youth-led movement that has massively increased awareness of, and action on, climate change in New Zealand.

Generation Zero has a central purpose of providing solutions for New Zealand to cut carbon pollution through smarter transport, liveable cities, and independence from fossil fuels. In 2016, the organisation created the Zero Carbon Act that provides a blueprint to get NZ to commit to Zero Carbon by 2050. Paul’s work within the organisation has spanned policy analysis, media, strategy and communications.

These solutions will not come from one minority, one political party, or one ideology. These solutions come from real New Zealanders, from all backgrounds joining together under a central vision.

It is time for New Zealand to step up, act responsibly and secure a safe, thriving zero carbon Aotearoa.

Paul is a self-employed researcher, studied physics and mathematics at the University of Otago and completed an MSc modelling ocean wave power systems. He attended the 2010 United Nations Climate Conference in Cancun, Mexico.

Paul has been a researcher for the Sustainability Council of New Zealand and the Morgan Foundation, and is also a trustee of the National Energy Research Institute.