Breaking down personal barriers – Director of Community, Kiwi Landing Pad


Sian is passionate about the internet, a community builder, marketer and online video expert. She has spent the last 5 years working for high growth NZ tech companies implementing and managing their online strategies, growing their communities, creating and curating content across multiple platforms.

We have an exciting mission to take New Zealand technology to the world, and help make New Zealand a world class place to live where Kiwi’s thrive in business, life and environment.

Sian is the Director of Community at the Kiwi Landing Pad in San Francisco where she helps take NZ technology to the world. In the past three years Sian has worked with over 1,000 NZ businesses, meet with over 1,500 entrepreneurs and grown the NZ tech community in the United States to 4,000+ members. They started the well known and loved Sales and Marketing Jam (NZSMJ) which brings US start up and technology experts to share their experience and networks with Kiwi businesses. The KLP is supported by leading organisations, such as Air New Zealand, Vodafone, BNZ & NZTE.

Sian oversees the full program of works which covers all aspects of Community, Content, Marketing, Operations and Program Delivery.

We work on the core pillars of providing our community with Networks, Information and Access. Our community is going on 4,000 strong with members in over 32 countries around the world.