Takunda Muzondiwa

Challenging culture erasure through spoken word


There is a lot of power in a spoken word, and even more so coming through the lived experience of head girl at Mount Albert Grammar School, Takunda Muzondiwa. Following participation in the annual national Race Unity Speech competition, Takunda’s performance is making waves nationally and globally.

Takunda speaks about the challenges faced by her and other members of the diaspora as they struggle to maintain a strong connection to their culture. Through spoken word, Takunda expresses the confusion about her own cultural identity, feeling her Zimbabwean culture beginning to fade. This experience helped her realise the commonalities with other minority groups going through the same experience: Māori people here in Aotearoa are seeing their language fade right before them.

Through her words, Takunda is determined to speak up and bring awareness to the systemic ways in which cultural erasure is enforced and encourage people to take action to prevent this.