2iC and Communications Manager at RainbowYOUTH and co-creator of Out Loud Aotearoa

Toni Dunn-hi.jpg

Toni is a strong media and communication professional and has a Masters in Screenwriting. She has been a part of the RainbowYOUTH family since 2013 and has never looked back. She is passionate about lifelong learning, history, her cat and creating social change using the strengths of communities. Toni is an experienced Communications Manager in the not-for-profit sector. Skilled in team management, project management, strategy, design, photography, film, editing, and media relations. Toni co-founded Out Loud Aotearoa - a  project inspired by #wearebeneficiaries, in response to the Government’s inquiry into mental health and addiction. Out Loud Aotearoa uses art and stories to share queer, gender diverse, intersex, takatāpui, MVPFAFF or rainbow communities around Aotearoa’s perspective on mental health and addiction services. She is excited to be a part of Festival, to share in the mahi she has been doing to bring queer, gender diverse and intersex voices to the Government's current Mental Health and Addiction Services Inquiry. She hopes to share some insight into some of the issues the rainbow community faces.